Author: Henrik Tikanvaara


Fitness is a program to analyze weight training results and create workouts based on performance in previous workouts. The SourceForge project page can be found in the following address on .


SourceForge provides various forums for the program:

Bugs Have you found a bug? Please take the time to report it and thus help improve the program!

Feature requests Do you have a good idea how to make the program better? File a feature request.

Help Do you need help in using the program? Ask a question!


News can be found from the SourceForge site.


The program can be downloaded from this address.

About the project

Fitness has been programmed with C and C++ using Qt 4.4.0 for user interface. The development environment consisted of the following components:


Fitness compiled on Linux:

Fitness compiled on Windows:


Documentation can be found here. It is very much a work in progress, but should gradually improve. I would appreciate questions about the program posted in the forums.

Build instructions

Fitness depends on Qt 4.4.0 which must be installed for compilation to succeed. Building Fitness naturally varies depending on the platform. Logo