Build instructions

Using these build instructions you can always easily update to the latest code on the Subversion repository.
  1. Download and install MinGW. In the MinGW installation options, select to install g++ and MinGW make.
  2. Download Qt open source edition for Windows from Trolltech website.
  3. Install Qt.
  4. Add Qt and MinGW to your path.
  5. Get the latest source code using Subversion.
  6. Double-click on the "build.bat" batch file in the Fitness directory.
  7. Congratulations, you have just built Fitness.

How to test Fitness

  1. Enter Fitness directory.
  2. Enter Debug directory.
  3. Run Fitness: "Fitness.exe" The main window will then open.
  4. Select menu "Training plan".
  5. In the opened menu, select "Open..."
  6. You should be now navigate to the main Fitness directory.
  7. Select file "CurrentPlan.Plan" and click "Open" button.
  8. You will now see exercise days and exercises in listboxes, and you can run analysis by clicking on one of the listbox items. Logo