Fitness on Linux

Build instructions

Fitness depends on Qt 4.4.0 and a C++ compiler which must be installed for compilation to succeed.

Simple build instructions

  1. Download latest source code from Subversion as a tar-ball: Download tarball
  2. Unpack the tarball: "tar xvf fitness.tar.gz"
  3. Run version 4 qmake in the trunk sub-directory.
  4. Run make.
  5. Run Fitness: "./Fitness"

More complex build instructions

  1. Install Subversion
  2. Check out the source: "svn co fitness"
  3. Install Qt4.4.0.
  4. Install G++. On Debian, install package "g++"
  5. Enter the directory: "cd fitness"
  6. Run QMake: "qmake"
  7. Run Make: "make"
  8. Run Fitness: "./Fitness" Logo