Author: Henrik Tikanvaara


Edit exercise dialog

Picture of an exercise dialog
In the exercise dialog, all details regarding a single exercise are entered. Exercise name should be something that allows you to identify the exercise in the gym, for example the name of a training machine. Comment can be used to enter additional information about the exercise, such as seat setting for a training machine, or other details about performing the exercise.

Warmup set

The warmup set checkbox indicates a warmup set should be calculated for the exercise when "Training weights" option is used. For the warmup set you must define how many repetitions you want to perform (10-12 is a good value) and "Warmup set load" which can range from 0%-100%. Warmup set load of 100% means the warmup set should be as hard as the first work set to failure, which really does not make sense for the set to be a warmup. A good starting value could be 60%, which one can then adjust based on how the set felt in the gym.

Work sets

The number of actual work sets to be performed.

Strength constant

Fitness relies on theoretical 1 repetition maximum calculations for its various functions. The function used is
One repetition maximum equation
This function is not without its faults, if someone can provide a better one please contact me. Anyway, for a strength constant value C=255, the function gives for 10 repetitions at 80kg a theoretical one repetition maximum of about 100kg. If the training weights suggestions seem incorrect, play around with this value. One problem I have encountered is that Fitness seems reluctant to increase the training weights even with high repetitions, and this can be corrected by adjusting strength constant.

Target repetitions

Here you can enter your preferable number of repetitions for work sets. A good range often suggested is 8-12 repetitions. Lower repetition range carries a higher risk of injury. Experiment in the gym, for example as of writing I prefer a high number of 12 repetitions for my leg exercises, while for lower back I use an even higher 20 repetitions target to minimize the risk of hurting my back.

Maximum weight reached warning

Fitness requires one to enter the possible training weights for an exercise, from which an appropriate weight is then selected. As this set of weights can be quite large, there is a possibility of entering just a few weights initially. If Fitness then selects the highest defined weight, it notifies the user about it allowing one to enter higher weights. This warning can be disabled here. Logo